145A Heavy Duty

£149.99 inc VAT

145A 12V Heavy Duty Battery

The battery with sealed calcium construction makes it 100% maintenance free. This battery is very suitable for boat, caravan, motorhome installations and home solar systems.

Calcium Alloy - Prevents grid surface from corrosion, reduces self discharge by chemical bonding with grains of calcium and minimal water evaporation
Thicker plate and high density active material for high endurance in deep discharge cycling and the best charging acceptance
Hot met glue - Ensures resistance to outside impact and vibration and minimise loss of active materials
Magic-eye indicator - Easy to check charging status
Easy carry handle - Provides an easy transportation and installation
Reinforced container - Protects the battery from vibration and impact

Weight: 26Kgs
Dimensions: 511 x 188 x 217mm
Carrying handles