300W 12V Modified Sine Wave Inverter

£18.95 inc VAT

The Modified Sine Wave Inverter alters 12V Direct Current (DC) into 230V Alternating Current (AC) to run appliances using mains level volts. Very useful when you would like to use 230 Volt appliances on boats, campervans, caravans & motorhomes or for mobile use

Suitable for majority of appliances but excluding computers and appliances with timer mechanism's

The Inverter has a 300w continuous output with an initial double surge capacity.

Inverter Specifications

Rated power; 300 Watts
Peak power: 600 Watts
DC Input: 12 Volts
No load current draw: 0.48 Amps
AC output: 230 Volts
AC output frequency: 50 HZ
AC output waveform: Modified Sine Wave
DC input voltage range: 10.5-15 Volts
Efficiency: >90%

Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 5cm
Weight: 1Kg

Includes spare fuse and heavy duty cable for connecting to a 12v battery