400W Complete Solar System

£686.95 inc VAT

400W Solar System for running 230V mains voltage appliances

Excellent quality system for emergency backup or supplement mains electric supply

System Includes

2 x 200W Monocrystalline Solar Panels
40A Solar Charge Controller
Controller to Battery Fuse Lead
12V 200A Deep Cycle Battery
12V 2Kw Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Solar Panel Details

Waterproof Construction
Fitted with 5 Metres solar cable
Junction Box Bypass Diodes
Mounting slots each side of frame
Anodized Aluminium frame for Corrosion Resistance


Maximum Power: 200 Watts
Maximum Voltage: 18.30 Volts
Maximum Current: 10.92 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage: 22.80 Volts
Short Circuit Current: 11.20 Amps

Dimensions: 1220 x 1000 x 35mm
Weight: 18kgs

40 Amp 12/24v Solar Charge Controller with LCD Screen

LCD Screen Displays:

Solar Panel Voltage & Current
Battery Capacity & Voltage
Discharging Current
Error Code
Load Mode
Temperature inside Controller
Discharging Amp-Hours
Charging Amp-Hours
System Voltage
Battery Type

Controller with self diagnostics and electronic protective functions preventing damage from installation errors or system faults. The controller prevents a battery from being overcharged to avoid damage and prevent current travelling back to a solar panel when dark.


Intelligent System Optimum Control
Highly efficient Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charging

Electronic Protection Against

Short circuit
Reverse Current

Technical Specification

Rated current: 40A
Load current: 40A
Maximum input Watts: 600W for 12V
Maximum input Volts: 50V
System voltage: 12V to 24V with automatic recognition
Self Consumption: Max 6mA
Working Temperature: -35C to +55C

200A 12V Deep Cycle Battery

The battery with sealed construction makes it 100% maintenance free and is very suitable for boat, caravan, motorhome installations and home solar systems.

Weight: 59Kgs
Dimensions: 515 x 223 x 224mm
Carrying handles

12V 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter including 5V USB Connection

The 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter changes 12V Direct Current (DC) into 230V Alternating Current (AC) to run appliances using mains level volts.

Inverter Specification

Rated power: 2000 Watts
Surge power 4000 Watts
Surge power: 120% to 150% for 10s, 200% for 2s
DC Input Voltage: 12 Volts
DC Input Voltage Range: 11.5V to 15 Volts
Low Voltage Alarm: 11V
Over Voltage Shutdown: 30V
No load current draw: <0.90 Amps
AC output: 230 Volts
AC output frequency: 50 HZ
USB Connector: 5V
AC output waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency: >85%
LED Indicators for faults

Dimensions: 36 x 22 x 8cm
Weight: 7Kgs
Spare fuses: Six
Heavy duty cable for connecting to a 12v battery

Protective Functions Against:

Low Voltage
Over Input Voltage
Over heating: Shuts off automatically if temperature rises above 75C
Short Circuit: Reverse polarity (external fuses)
Cooling Fan: Automatically switches on when temperature exceeds 45C