250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

£179.99 inc VAT

250W All Black Solar Panel with Monocrystalline Solar Cells, 5 Metres 4mm Solar Cable & Bypass Diodes

Manufactured by one of the worlds leading solar panel producers recognised as a leading and innovative company.

Specially designed for charging 12V batteries with lower solar panel voltage and higher current only a standard Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller need be used thereby reducing installation cost.

54 cell panel giving a compact design at only 1495mm in length - almost 20cm shorter than standard panels

Waterproof design enabling use in all weather conditions with long-lasting, high-efficiency solar cells encapsulated in a strong aluminium frame to give many years of consistent reliable free energy.

Performance High output and efficiency even in low light conditions
Versatility Salt mist corrosion tested, perfect for harsh climatic conditions
Reliability Durable and reliable solar panels due to stringent quality control measures

Highly transparent, low-­iron tempered glass and antireflective coating increases energy yield.
Use of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) in production guarantees longevity of the panels.
Integrated bypass diodes to protect the solar cell circuit from hot spots during partial shadowing

Solar Panel Details

Black frame and backsheet
Waterproof Construction
Junction Box Bypass Diodes
2 x 5 Metres 4mm Solar Cable
Mounting slots each side of frame
Anodized for Corrosion Resistance


Maximum Power: 250 Watts
Maximum Voltage: 18.93 Volts
Maximum Current: 13.21 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage: 23.55 Volts
Short Circuit Current: 13.86 Amps

Dimensions: 1495 x 992 x 35mm
Weight: 17Kgs


90% of rated power in 12 years
80% of rated power in 25 years
Materials & Workmanship 12 years

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