200W Dual Battery Charger

£174.95 inc VAT

200W Dual Battery Solar Charger Kit for Charging Two Separately Wired 12V Batteries

The long-lasting, high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar cells are encapsulated in a strong aluminium frame to give many years of consistent, reliable free energy. The solar panel is a waterproof design enabling use in all weather conditions.

The controller continually monitors a batteries State of Charge thereby providing an appropriate charge to each one as needed. Also with a Priority Charging Function to enable up to 90% of available current to charge one battery.

Dual Battery Kit Includes

200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
20A Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller
Two x 2 Metre Controller to Battery Fuse Leads

Solar Panel Specification

Fitted with 2 x 5 Metres 4mm Solar Cable
Bypass Diodes
Waterproof Junction Box
Maximum Power: 200 Watts
Maximum Voltage: 18.00 Volts
Maximum Current: 11.11 Amps
Open circuit voltage: 22.50 V
Short circuit current: 12.00 Amps

Dimensions: 107 x 99 x 3.5cm
Weight Approximately 17Kgs

Product Features

High module conversion efficiency
Anodized aluminium frame for corrosion resistance
Highly transparent, low iron tempered glass and anti-reflective coating
Excellent performance under low light conditions