300W Solar Panel Kit

£249.98 inc VAT

300W Solar Panel Kit

Kit Includes:

2 x 150W Monocrystalline Solar panels
20A Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display
2 Metre Controller to Battery Fuse Lead

Solar Panel Specification

Maximum Power: 150W
Maximum Voltage: 17.8V
Maximum Current: 8.43Amps
Open Circuit Voltage: 22.3V
Short Circuit Current: 9.10A
Conversion Efficiency: 19%

Solar Charge Controller

Rated current: 20A
Maximum Solar input voltage: 50 Volts
Maximum solar input Watts: 300 Watts for 12V battery charging
System voltage: 12V to 24V with automatic recognition
Self Consumption: Max 6mA
Working Temperature: -35C to +55C

LCD screen displays:

Solar Panel Voltage
Battery Voltage
Battery State of Charge
Load Data
Error Code