200W Dual Battery Charger

£156.95 inc VAT

200W Dual Battery Solar Charger Kit for Charging Two Separately Wired 12V Batteries

Please note the 200W solar panel is for collection only

With Black solar module. Black frame and Black back-sheet.

The long-lasting, high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar cells are encapsulated in a strong Aluminium frame to give many years of consistent, reliable free energy. The solar panel is a waterproof design enabling use in all weather conditions.

The controller continually monitors a batteries State of Charge thereby providing an appropriate charge to each one as needed. Also with a Priority Charging Function to enable up to 90% of available current to charge one battery.

Dual Battery Kit Includes

200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
20A Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller
Two x 2 Metre Controller to Battery Fuse Leads

Solar Panel Specification

Fitted with 2 x 5 Metres 4mm Solar Cable
Bypass Diodes
Waterproof Junction Box
Maximum Power: 200 Watts
Maximum Voltage: 18.00 Volts
Maximum Current: 11.11 Amps
Open circuit voltage: 22.50 V
Short circuit current: 12.00 Amps

Dimensions: 107 x 99 x 3.5cm
Weight Approximately 17Kgs

Product Features

High module conversion efficiency
Anodized aluminium frame for corrosion resistance
Highly transparent, low iron tempered glass and anti-reflective coating
Excellent performance under low light conditions