50W Dual Battery Charger

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50W Dual Battery Solar Panel Kit

When you would like to charge two separately wired 12V batteries simultaneously the Dual Battery Solar Charger provides this facility. The controller continually monitors a batteries State of Charge thereby providing an appropriate charge to each one as needed.

The controller also has a Priority Charging function to enable up to 90% of available current to charge one battery.

Kit Includes

50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
10A EP Solar Dual Battery Charge Controller
2 x 2 Metre Controller to Battery Leads with Inline Fuse

Solar Panel Specification

Maximum Power: 50W
Maximum Voltage: 17.4V
Maximum Current: 2.87Amps
Open Circuit Voltage: 22.6V
Short Circuit Current: 3.08A
Dimensions: 676 x 571 x 30mm


90% of rated power in 10 years
80% of rated power in 25 years
Workmanship & Materials 12 Years

Solar Charge Controller

Dual Battery 10 Amp 12/24V Solar Charge Controller designed to charge two separately wired 12v batteries simultaneously making this very useful when you have a starter and leisure battery as this avoids running two separate charging systems.