24V 600W Three Phase AC Wind Turbine

£199.99 inc VAT

24V 600W Maximum Output Three Phase Wind Turbine with Wind Charge Controller

The Wind Turbine is rated at 500w and with a maximum output of 600W.

Easily installed with clamping mechanism and one hole to drill in mounting pole. No welding required.

Turbine Specification

Three Phase Permanent Magnet Generator. Changes to DC with wind charge controller
Rated Power: 500W at 11 M/S
Maximum Power 600W at 13 M/S
Rated Voltage: 24V
Start Up Wind Speed: 2.5 M/S
Cut In Wind Speed: 3 M/S
Blade diameter: 1.75 Metres
Slip Ring to prevent cable twist
Weight: 17Kgs

Turbine Includes

Three blades
Blade Hub
Mounting Plates
Mounting Flange
Nose Cone

Recommended mounting pole height minimum 6 metres
Mounting pole diameter: 60mm with two sets of guy wires

Please note mounting pole is not included

Wind Charge Controller

Controller applies an electro magnetic brake to the turbine in high wind speeds to limit rotation speed and protect battery from being over charged.

24V 600w
AC Input
DC Output
Brake function at 30V