Hybrid Wind / Solar Controller with Dump Load

£119.99 inc VAT

Hybrid Wind & Solar Charge Controller with Dump Load for Charging 12v or 24V Batteries

With options for Wind Turbine, Solar Input or Wind and solar input

Wind Turbine Input: Three Phase AC converted to DC output for charging of 12V or 24V batteries.

Solar power input and output power: DC

Maximum Inputs

The Hybrid Controller gives three input options

The Watt rating of the wind turbine or solar module is divided by the battery voltage whether 12V or 24V and should not exceed the below Amps.

Wind Turbine Power / Battery Voltage ≤25 Amps

Solar Power / Battery Voltage ≤25 Amps

Combined Wind & Solar Input Power / Battery Voltage ≤40 Amps

Wind Turbine with MPPT boost for battery charging
PWM solar module battery charging

LCD Display

Battery volts
Solar panel Amps, volts & power
Wind turbine Amps, volts & power
Load Amps & Volts


Solar panel reverse charging & connection
Battery over charging
Battery over discharge
Battery reverse connection
Load short circuit & over load
Wind turbine current limiting

Charges Batteries:

Sealed Lead Acid, Gel & Lithium Ion phosphate

Warranty: One year