12V 325W Three Phase AC Wind Turbine

£139.99 inc VAT

12V 300W AC Wind Turbine With Five Nylon Blades inc Wind Charge Controller


Gearless direct drive high efficiency Permanent Magnet generator
High Power Neodynium Magnet
High efficieny turbine blades
Pre yaw design for tail vane
Slip Ring to prevent cable twist

Technical Data

Rated Power at 12 Metres Second: 300W
Maximum Power at 13 M/S 325W
Voltage: 12V
Rotor Diameter: 1.2 Metres
Start Up Wind Speed: 4 M/S
Yaw Mode: Fixed Wing
Shell: Aluminium
Blades: Five
Motor: Three Phase AC

Turbine clamps onto 48mm diameter pole
Quick & easy installation
Recommended pole height minimum 6 Metres

Wind Charge Controller

Charge controller for managing battery charging and with electro-magnetic brake function for protecting turbine from over rotating in high wind speeds.

Rated Battery Voltage:12V
Rated Wind Turbine Power: Up to 325w
Wind Turbine Braking Voltage: 15V
Wind Turbine Recover Voltage: 13.5
Display Mode: LED
Dimensions 150mm×87mm×28mm
IP Protection Level: IP67
Input Three Phase AC
Output Single Phase DC
Warranty: One year

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